Ejemplo de trabajos y proyectos en clase

Students in Mike’s A1J class in Las Suertes did a project which involved learning about ball sports then making a ball in class out of balloons and salt. In pairs, the students went on to create their own sports which they presented to the class.
The aim of the project was to learn sports vocabulary, use modal verbs to describe rules and use the ‘infinitive of purpose’ to describe how to play and how to win in their imaginary sports.
Natalie and Paul
Students in Chloe´s B1.1J class in Las Suertes did a fantastic project to practice the grammatical structure ´the reported speech´.  The students researched one famous person each and then took on the identity of that famous person in order to conduct interviews.  Then, they created posters to report back the content of the interview using the target language. 

Impressive work B1.1J!  Well done!
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